May 27-31 2024 / Roscoff

Second International Conference on Marine Flavobacteria

Second International Conference on Marine Flavobacteria, Roscoff, Brittany

Diversity and ecology, Flavobacteria/host interactions, Functional genomics, biochemistry and biotechnological applications

May 27-31 2024


  • Deadline for abstract submission extended to 15th February 2024
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  • Notification to authors 1st March 2024
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After the success of the First International Congress on Marine Flavobacteria held in Cargèse, Corsica in June 2018, we are pleased to announce the holding of a Second Congress in Roscoff, Brittany in May 2024.

Members of the family Flavobacteriaceae (a.k.a. flavobacteria) within the Bacteroidota phylum are a diverse and abundant component of heterotrophic marine bacterial communities. They are found in the water column, in tidal flat sediments or at the surface of marine algae, plants and animals. Marine flavobacteria encompass a range of key ecological functions, from major pathogens of fish to symbionts of  algae. They are also known as master degraders of organic matter.

Our knowledge regarding marine flavobacteria has been boosted by recent sampling campaigns and by the “OMIC” revolution, confirming the huge taxonomic and functional diversity of this bacterial clade. Meanwhile, meta-omics surveys increasingly show the importance of flavobacteria in marine ecosystem functioning. At an international level, some species have emerged as model organisms and are now subject of detailed mechanistic studies, embracing fundamental aspects such as secretion systems, substrate assimilation, community interactions and pathogenicity.  

Although growing substantially in recent years, the scientific community working on marine flavobacteria is still rather fragmented. The congress “Marine Flavobacteria – Roscoff - 2024” aims at gathering the most active scientists on the different aspects of the ecology and biology of these fascinating microorganisms. Keynotes will also highlight major breakthroughs that have been achieved on the Bacteroidota phylum. 

The focus will be on recent discoveries and open questions that provoke curiosity and require new research. Sessions will include:

  • Ecology and diversity of marine flavobacteria
  • Flavobacteria /host interactions
  • Functional genomics, biochemistry and biotechnology applications

The workshop will be held in an informal scientific community atmosphere and will encourage free discussion and presentation of preliminary or unpublished research and ideas, to foster new collaboration opportunities.

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